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Johnstown November 11, 2009

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Ello mate!  In school we are doing a unit about Johnstown, and we had to do a writing pretending that we were in the Johnstown Flood.  This is my sad (hence the crying asparagus) story.

On the morning of May 31, 1889, I woke up to see that the streets of our city, Johnstown had been flooded. It wasn’t uncommon that there was water in the streets, but today it seemed a bit ominous. I told my parents about the water, but they didn’t seem to pay any attention. It was about three forty five and we were about to make dinner, but we were out of butter. I had to go out to the store to get some butter. It was Friday so there was a long line at the checkout. On my way home I checked my watch to see that it was four o’clock. Suddenly, I heard screams and a swoosh of water. I immediately though, “Flood.” I sprinted to the highest place I knew, the roof. It was a struggle to get on the roof, but I made it. Once I was on the roof, I saw I was correct, it was flooding. I lay flat on my belly and held on. Fwoosh, I heard the wave of water crash on the building. Then I noticed I was flying. The crash had make the roof fly off, and I was flipping in mid-air. Suddenly, I saw that the roof was bending and about to break. I located a barrel, and jumped on. Unfortunately, my weight broke the barrel, and my foot was stuck. The barrel slowly began to sink. Miraculously I felt a hand pull me by my collar, and I was lifted halfway out of the water. The barrel was still stuck to my foot, so I couldn’t be lifted out completely. One man there who happened to be the city doctor told me that if I wanted to survive, he would have to cut my leg off, up to my knee. Since I wanted to live I let him cut it off. It was the most painful thing I have ever felt in my entire life. Finally we came to the stone bridge witch was acting as a dam. I hobbled with the two other men to the top of the bridge. I stayed there for the rest of the night, along with the other survivors. Later, I found out that both my parents had died. I was so traumatized, that I decided it write this all down because I thought that might help me feel better. I guess it did, but I doubt I will ever forget this day of death, destruction, and devastation.
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  1. Dad Says:

    Nice job

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