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Snow Cones December 20, 2009

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Ello mate!  I’m sorry I haven’t been writing, but with school and all…. Anyway I I am now enjoying a snow cone in a bowl, and I have just discovered that  if you want to make snow-cones the best time is winter.  You are probably thinking, “But it is so cold in winter.  Isn’t it better in the summer?”  Think about it.  If you eat snow cones in the summer yes it is refreshing, but you have to make all of the “snow” by grinding up ice.  If you do it in the winter, you can just get snow from outside.  To top it all off, isn’t a packing day! 🙂  If you are wondering what that means, it means that the snow doesn’t pack down and it is soft and great for sledding.  In fact, I went sledding today, but there was too much snow so my sled sunk when I tried to ride.  On about my fifth try I managed to make it down without using any extra force.

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