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Happy Halloween October 31, 2009

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Ello mate!  As you well know today is Halloween.  The sad thing is I have a busy day today 😦  Did I mention it is busy with fun?  🙂 First I am  going to my friend’s birthday party (by the way, happy B-day Jeniffer).  Then I will go home and get ready for my party.  For Halloween we are going to be Christmas-carolers.  I convinced one of my friends to wear my dad’s old Santa-suit, and my other friend is going to be a goth-Christmas-caroler.  We are going to go up to a house, ring the doorbell, sing a phrase of music (I hope they don’t slam the door on us), say the ever so famous candy-bringing line, “Trick-or- treat!” and hopefully get some pay for our service.  After that, we will go back to my house, trade for the good stuff, gorge on candy, and then they will go home.  Finally, I will attempt to go to sleep.  I think that is some Halloween schedule.  😀
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